Provider Group Joint Job Evaluation

CUPE, SEIU, SGEU and SAHO, through a joint job evaluation project, have undertaken to develop and implement a sustainable plan using the principles of Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value and Pay Equity. Minimum qualifications will be determined and the skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions evaluated for all jobs in an organization.


NOTICE - June 2021

1.Topic: NEW JOB(s): Implemented by JJEMC

Provincial Job Description #530 – General Laboratory Supervisor
The updated documents are now available on the website under the following heading:
There were no Provincial Reviews completed.
The JJEMC has initiated a Provincial Review of:
Provincial Job Description #522 – Laboratory Scientist I
Provincial Job Description #523 – Laboratory Scientist II
Provincial Job Description #524 – Laboratory Scientist Supervisor
Documents necessary for the Provincial Review were sent to Local Unions and HR Representative June 1, 2021
Dates of completion are as follows:
Employer HR Department is required to distribute to Employees by – June 1, 2021
Employee(s) date of completion and submitted into OOS Supervisor by – July 13, 2021
OOS Supervisor date of completion and submitted in to HR representative by – August 24, 2021
Employer HR date for submission to JJEMC Assistant by – September 7, 2021
Please contact Laurie Kisilowski (347-1528) if you have any questions.
Documentation required and process to follow for all changed and new jobs submitted to the Provider Group Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Process.
Changed Job:
(Process for an employee(s) requesting to be reclassified to a new job or another existing job in the plan)

Job Review Request Form

Provincial Job Description (PJD) (Amended from the PJD the incumbent is currently in)

Provincial Job Descriptions

Provincial Job Fact Sheet (PJFS) (Amended from the PJFS the incumbent is currently in) 

Provincial Job Fact Sheets

New Job:
(Process for Employers to create new jobs – no employee(s) attached to submission)
Draft Job Description
Documents must be reviewed and commented on by either the OOS Manager or employee(s), whichever is applicable. (e.g., if an employee initiates the Maintenance request, the OOS Manager is the “Reviewer”; if an OOS Manager initiates the Maintenance request, the employee(s) is the “Reviewer”).
Completed documents are forwarded to employer Human Resources department. Employer Human Resources department provides a copy to the local Union and forwards a copy to the Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee (JJEMC) Assistant.
The Human Resources department and the local Union will arrange to meet with the JJEMC Assistant to discuss (three-party meeting) the maintenance request.
Should Employees or Employers wish to provide supporting documentation further to the required documents, then Regional Policies and Procedures and the Health Information Protection Act (HIPA) must be adhered to.
HIPA requires protection of health information such as Social Insurance Number (SIN), names, addresses, Health Services Number (HSN), next of kin or signatures that would identify an individual, who has not provided consent for information to be shared.
Please reference HIPA, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan’s website at or contact your Regional Privacy Office for further information.

Bulletins, Updates


In November of 2017, a Letter of Understanding was signed by the parties and a sub-committee was formed and a subsequent Memorandum of Agreement was signed in January 2019. It was agreed that a change in education hours would not automatically affect the Provincial Job Description pay band going up or down unless one of the other nine factors changed as well.


In 2015 a settlement was reached in the Pharmacy Technician arbitration.

The history of this arbitration dates back to 2006, when a number of employee maintenance requests had been submitted to the Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee (JJEMC). It was decided at that time that the classification as a whole would be reviewed. In 2007, the JJEMC completed their review which resulted in an increase to the existing pay band. The increase was implemented the first Sunday after the decision, as per the language governing annual/provincial reviews.

Grievances were filed shortly afterward on the basis that the effective date should be the date that individual requests had been submitted rather than the date relevant to the annual/provincial review. This dispute moved forward to arbitration and mediation, which then considered not only this classification, but others that posed a similar potential conflict. In addition, a review of the existing language was also undertaken. An agreement was reached on December 16, 2015, in which the parties agreed to operational language that will avoid this type of dispute in the future, with an effective date of February 1, 2016 for the language revisions. Revised timelines were the only changes to current processes that impacted employers, employees or unions.


In 2010, a Letter of Understanding was signed between the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Service Employees International Union-West (SEIU-West) and the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ union (SGEU). This letter speaks to the commitment from all parties to maintain a join Union/Management maintenance committee.


The Joint Job Evaluation Manual is the working guide that explains in greater detail the factors that are evaluated in the maintenance review process.